Embrace the Power Dress and Say Goodbye to the Suit

In the 1980s, women began dressing a certain way to be taken seriously in the workplace. Their jackets would mimic the suit jackets worn by their male colleagues. The jacket would be accompanied by a functional blouse and matching skirt. It was called a power suit because it made a statement of the woman’s intent in the workplace.

Those great sisters who were female corporate ladder pioneers are the reason so many women hold top corporate jobs today. However, along the way, the power suit has been discarded. With the professional playing field evened, women can now increasingly embrace their femininity in the outfits they wear to work.

Power Dress Taking Over

Today’s female powerhouses have ditched the suit for the power dress. It accentuates the female form while still exuding no-nonsense authority. These women are high-ranking members in the private and public sectors. And their example is being followed on many of the television series and movies we see today.

There’s no mistaking the power dress as a work outfit. It’s hardly something you’ll wear to the beach or a neighborhood barbecue in the summer. Streamlined yet chic, it gives off an air of self-assurance. The power dress covers the body while hugging its form.

The Dress Defines Them

One of the things most women love about the power dress is that they can wear it day or night. It is functional, but still feminine. Like men, women feel the need to stamp their authority on their job.

One of the ways to do this is to come across as being in control. What they wear is a significant part of this. However, they no longer need to conform to the design of masculine authority to make that statement.

The picture of what a female executive looks like has changed a lot in the last 30-40 years. In the past, many women felt that they would be taken more seriously if they wore pants. Women no longer feel compelled to present a mirror image of a man’s dress or behavior to demonstrate their authority.

They choose to display their power in the context of their femininity, which is what sets them apart from their male colleagues.

Power Dress Styles

Despite its functionality, the power dress comes in many styles. Each woman can express her style through the numerous designs available. Dresses come in different colors, lengths, and cuts. Some women choose to accessorize them, while others prefer to keep things simple.

Regardless of their tastes, women have more workwear options than ever before. And the power dress is one of the firm frontrunners. However, many women and fashion industry professionals agree that the precursor word power is no longer necessary. The dresses and the women who wear them are already powerful and empowered. The word power is in danger of creating a tautology in this context.