How The Light Rings On Your Amazon Echo Speaks To You

So you finally unboxed your Amazon Echo and are quite chuffed with your new gadget. You can’t wait to set it through its paces, but then you realize the ring of light that changes from time to time.

These changes aren’t random and seeing that you don’t have a screen, color is the next best thing. Alexa is trying to tell you something. Here is what the different colors mean for you.

Wake up

The light is off most of the time, but that is until you summon Alexa. When you say “Alexa”, the blue ring suddenly light up and swirls around just while Alexa waits and processes your voice commands. The blue ring has subtle changes according to what is currently happening though.

When the ring is a solid blue line, Alexa is waiting for a command, but the little cyan section in the ring points to where the person is speaking from.

The cyan will start to spin once you have given a command. This is to indicate that the request is being processed. When Alexa finally responds, the light will alternate between blue and cyan.

When you manually change the volume on Alexa, the white light will indicate the volume, the bigger the light, the higher the volume.

When things go wrong

Like any piece of technology, there will always be a couple of hiccups. Alexa is rather good at indicating if something is wrong and every type of niggle has a different color as well.

If there is a violet pulse, it means that something went wrong during the Wi-Fi setup. When your network is running though, an orange light will spin to tell you that Alexa is trying to connect to the network.

A solid red light means that Alexa is ignoring you. It just means that the volume is off and that she is not actively listening to your commands.

A spinning blue light that ends in a purple flash indicates that the ‘do not disturb’ mode has been activated. You can still interact with Alexa though. You will just be reminded of the do not disturb setting when a purple flash appears after an instruction.

Interacting with the outside

Alexa has come a long way and Amazon is continuing to improve its versatility. Now that Alexa is able to send and receive messages and make calls, two new notification colors has been added to the spectrum. Yellow and green are the two colors that have joined the family they slotted in seamlessly.

A pulsing green light indicates that there is an incoming call which needs your attention. When you finally answer the call, the pulse turns into a spinning light. This shows that you are busy with a call. When you aren’t at home, Alexa is still active and when you return, you can see whether you have any messages via a pulsing yellow light. You can then tell Alexa to play the messages or check for notifications.